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About Liron

Liron D. Estrach was born in 1997 in Berlin, Germany, where he spent the majority of his early life moving back and forth between cities, playing video-games, brawling with his older brother, and reading fantasy books. With thirteen he attended the British boarding school, Plymouth College, but was subsequently "asked to leave" after only one year. Why is not important. However, his adolescent escapades opened the doors to another place of learning, the wonderful—and equally British—Sidcot School. There, he spent the best six years of his young life, and Sidcot has forever embedded itself in his mind as a place he thinks of as home. Following the completion of his International Baccalaureate, he moved to Tel Aviv, Israel, where he tortured himself for almost three years, studying the ins and outs of capitalism, enterprise, and economics at the IDC University of Herzliya. 

He did not enjoy his time there very much, and missed the English climate, as odd as that may sound. But to keep his spirits high, he continued to dive head-first into the worlds of Sanderson, R. R. Martin, Novik, and many, many other authors. Plagued by the misery of not knowing what he wanted to do in life, and the depressing lectures of a not-so-hospitable accountant professor, he soon decided to try his own luck at writing a book, and what would later become his first novel, The Last Guardian.


After a long and heartfelt discussion with his father, Liron changed his major to English Literature and transferred to the University of Maine, Orono. There, he continued to read, write, and study, and has since then written more than a dozen short stories (and even a few poems he is not willing to share). His true intention for choosing the University of Maine, however, was to find the magic scroll Stephen King used to write so many fantastic books. Now nearing the completion of his undergraduate degree, he still hasn't found it. But he remains hopeful.


When Liron is not currently sharing a dorm room and over-sleeping classes, he is in Israel with his father, or in Germany with the rest of his family. He is already working on his next novel, as well as a longer trilogy he is planning to publish later down the line.


To keep up to date with any news and events, you can follow him on Twitter, InstagramFacebook, and Goodreads, or sign up for his newsletter here.

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